Marie Liu

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 Shohola-Falls  Pinchot-Gone-Fishing
 Silver-Sugar-Bowl-with-Newt  Sculpture-of-St-Francis-with-Pigeons
 Savantine-Falls  Savantine-Creek
 Rosamond  Red-Covered-Box-with-Bluejay
 Pyxis-with-Butterfly  Silver-Pitcher-with-Goldfinch
 Pinchot-Falls  Laurel-and-Fern
 Footed-Bowl-on-Lichen  Dingmans-Falls
 Copper-Vessel-with-Dragonfly  Bushkill-Creek
 Bronze-Vase-in-Moat-at-Grey-Towers  Gold-Plated-Copper-Vase-on-Stand

Marie Liu’s paintings are know for their bold, dynamic use of color and composition. Her technique is a slow, methodical layering of oil paints to ultimately achieve a flawless pattern of shapes and colors.

Inspired by the geographic and historic richness of the Hudson and Delaware regions, in recent years she has focused her energies on landscape painting. She has created a new series of paintings inspired by the numberous creeks and waterfalls in Pike County’s abundant natural places. Having recently moved here, her enthusiasm for this place has compelled her to capture and interpret its special beauty in oil paintings. She has begun to include local people of historic signifigance into her repetoire of local scenes.

After recieving her formal fine art training at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, she returned to the Hudson/Delaware region, specifically for the geography of the Hudson Valley region and to make her mark as an artist in her own community.

Several large ‘paintings for public places’ have been created with the help of County grants in 2004/2006. These paintings, depicting scenes of local importance have been donated to the City of Middletown and County of Orange for permanent display in the government buildings.

Her involvement in the local art world has included 9 years as a co-owner of an art gallery, membership in regional art societies, teaching, organizing shows and events for non-profit organizations, as well as developing her own portfolio of artwork and showing throughout the region.

To see more of Marie’s work, please visit her website at

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