Kate Horan




Power to the Street

Parrots and Pink Umbrella

Paper Triger

Jester Takes a Break

Glass Half Full


21st Century Coliseum New


Caution and Strutt


Fallen Bishop

No Place Like Home

Knowing Glance

Man Picks Apple

On your Mark

Proud Man Down

Cloud Man

Wolf at the Door


Kate Horan’s passion is the figure. Through invention and observation, she creates images that reflect caring, contentious, vulnerable, elusive, complicated human beings. Sometimes she veers toward social commentary. Sometimes it’s an intimate view into the interior of a single figure. For her, it’s always a discovery and a challenge. A narrative can be detected in her art: the whole of a work that suggests a story, or many, even if it’s only in the grasp of a hand or the degree of a smile.

Horan’s artwork is semi-abstract. Painting and drawing merge with her use of sensitive thick/thin line, splotches of color instinctively but strategically placed. Although much of the content in her work is recognizable, she abandons detail in favor of keeping only that which her form and composition require. Realism is not her goal, more the interrupted image. As a child, one of her delights was watching Victor Borge, the wonderful pianist, whose beautiful passages of music would then be interrupted by his meandering, hilarious digressions. She credits him with forming her aesthetic sense very early on.

After acquiring a degree in liberal arts, Horan worked as an editor while studying Fine Art. She attended graduate school focusing on painting and drawing and art history at SUNY/Buffalo. She also studied at the Art Student’s League (NYC) and the School of Visual Art (NYC). Horan’s career as a professional artist began in Hoboken NJ, where she exhibited in solo and group shows. Her art has sold in the tri-state area and nationwide. She has taught painting and is a certified art therapist. Milford, PA has been her home since 2015, and she continues to exhibit in the tri-state area.