Kate Horan

21st Century Coliseum New


Caution and Strutt


Fallen Bishop

No Place Like Home

Knowing Glance

Man Picks Apple

On your Mark

Proud Man Down

Cloud Man

Wolf at the Door


No statement can pin down the process of an artist when creating a work that she or he hopes will later be labeled art. My passion is making figurative art: creating, through invention and observation, images that reflect the caring, contentious, vulnerable, elusive, complicated beings called human.

In my work, painting and drawing merge. Sensitive thick/thin line, splotches of color instinctively but strategically placed. No goal of realism in my bones; more the interrupted image. There is often a narrative at play: the whole of a work that calls for a story, or many, even if it’s only in the grasp of a hand or the degree of a smile.

SUNY/Buffalo (Graduate Study); The Art Student’s League (NYC); The School of Visual Art (NYC). My paintings and other works are in collections in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and nationally.