Carol Mainardi

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 Mainardi_Tangled  Mainardi_SleepingBeautyII
 Mainardi_Heaven  Mainardi_GulfofMexico
 Mainardi_Serenity  Mainardi_SeaofTears
 Mainardi_talewoodblock  Mainardi_SharkTamer
 Mainardi_floating2woodblock  Mainardi_caughtinthecurrentwoodblock
upstream shadow-dancing-ii

Using her own multi-texture self-developed collage technique Carol cleverly draws the viewer’s attention to the various “tales” each painting represents. Her series pulls from the personal struggle of relational conflict especially focusing on ideas surrounding what it means to be female in this world, often riddled with self – doubt, and physical vulnerability, suggesting even beauty can become a liability. Yet, for all their struggle, for all their hurt, a gentle current of hope remains possible.

The Mermaid’s are paper doll drawings or prints with, fabric, tough leather, or manta ray skin tails. Lumiere metallic and pearlescent colors, as well as, oil and acrylic blend to inhabit their environment. The mixed media backgrounds, including, suede board, fabric, and canvas embellished with materials found in nature books and decorative papers, and of course, blood, seat and tears, are the essential ingredients of this artistic archetypal alchemy labeled, “Mermaids.”

To see more of Carol’s work, please visit her website at


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