September Exhibit

Art in Your Space

September at Milford’s ARTery Gallery features an exhibition of the works of two exciting and vastly different artists. Laura Dudes, with her multi-layered, dimensional images, creates works of high-intensity color with which she aims to create an experience of joy. Kate Horan’s artwork, semiabstract and mostly figurative, aims through color, line and form to create visual meaning that she hopes will make the viewer think.

As a way to illustrate the divergent aesthetic of the two artists, each has agreed to create in her own style a work based on the same photograph of a dilapidated old barn in a gone-to-seed landscape. The paintings will hang on either side of the enlarged photograph displayed in the central window of the gallery.

The exhibition, titled “Art in Your Space” to emphasize the importance of art in your own environment, will open Thursday, September 12, and run through Monday, October 7. A reception, open to the public, will be held the evening of Saturday, September 14, from 6 to 9 pm. This is a chance to meet the artists and the rest of the co-op artist members, while sipping wine and sampling the many goodies offered for free.

August Exhibit

Fire and Water

Runs August 8th thru September 9th
A wine and cheese reception  will be held August 10th from 6-9pm

Celebrating the art of mother nature, Hadley’s Earth Crystals join with artist Claude Larson for an exhibit titled “Fire and Water” at The ARTery Gallery in Milford, PA.  Jan and Jim Hadley who have built a  business on their 30 year passion for the beauty and patterns found in crystals and minerals, will share their knowledge and amazing collection in this featured show.  Alongside these natural works of art, Claude Larson will exhibit her nature inspired work incorporating fiber and mixed media. This show features countless, stunning one-of-a-kind wonders for show and sale.

From the fiery depths of Earth, a broad spectrum of color, geometric shapes and universal patterns emerge in this hand-pick collection of crystals and minerals.  The vibrant reds and oranges evoke a connection with the volcanic and solar energies while the cool tones of blue and green reflect the calming energies of flowing water.

Through their depth of knowledge, Jim and Jan seek to educate the public about the mineralogy and metaphysical aspects of their collected stones. As the Earth’s temporary caretakers, Jim and Jan are committed to exhibiting their hand selected crystals in order for the right person to make an energetic connection with the particular stone that is meant for them.

Claude Larson uses the forces of water and melting snow to create unique textiles with one-of-a-kind patterns.  She incorporates such processes as rusting, hand-dyeing, snow-dyeing and marbling to create her fiber and mixed media pieces.  Elements of her work include bold color, shape, line and pattern.  Natural events create the basis for her inspiration, from the rising of the moon in its many phases to the treasures she’s collected from the edge of the ocean.  She views natural wonders as the muse for her art and incorporates fiber, stitch, paint and visual balance in her pieces to express her inner reflection of the natural world onto an outer surface.

June Exhibit

American Travels II

A reception will be held from 6 to 9 pm on Saturday, June 8,
at the ARTery, located at 210 Broad Street, Milford, PA.

The exhibit runs through July 7.

Madeline Tully

Madeline an early member of the ARTery, which will be a 20 year old cooperative this July 2019.  Her work is popular with visitors to the gallery. Her paintings use striking color and a style reminiscent of the Old Masters and Impressionists to depict scenes and florals with a romantic flair.  Her works have a vibrance and elegant appeal.  Her portraiture feels romantic as if from a by gone era.  You can feel her love of natural settings and elegant flowers flowing from her richly colored paintings. Tully’s work takes you back to that beautiful summer walk in the garden or a nostalgic look back in time.

Madeline’s formal training in art began at Washington Irving High School for Designing in New York City, followed by oil painting for 8 years at the Forest Park School of Art under Robert Burrell.   She began classes in watercolor at the Jackson Heights Art School for 5 years with Bob Moffett. She studied pastels using models with Dan Slapo in NY. Then upon relocating to Milford, PA, She also completed drawing classes with Alice Stolle, classes with Len Gasp in Warwick and many other teachers throughout the years. She continued advanced training in watercolor with Matilda Gretch and training in oils with Marie Liu.   She has exhibited in Middletown Art League, Orange County Community College, Pike County Arts and Crafts, Golden Fish Gallery, Star Gallery, Hall of the Trotter in Goshen for classes in Mono.

Liza J Smith-Simpson

Abstract by Liza J Smith Simpson

Her saying has been “Every Path Leads to a Journey.”  Her journey has nurtured diversity in her work.  Just as America is diverse, her journey has nurtured diversity in her work, which is reflected with a variety of mediums, substrates and styles she uses interchangeably.  She derives most of her subject matter from nature, finding the country roads, rivers, lakes and even NY City scenes of great inspiration.  She has a natural gift for capturing the beauty and peacefulness of water.

 If she isn’t sitting outside painting and sketching she will use her camera as a record of the view that has inspired her.  It’s not just about putting on canvas what she loves. It is also about capturing the viewer’s interest by using a compositional formula and providing focal points.  The golden ratio is used in “Bowmen’s Island View SC”  where She also achieves the capture of the rich sunset colors, and the skill of painting the stillness of the water.

by Liza J Smith Simpson

Her natural curiosity to discover what’s going on behind the scenes has lead her to develop her successful abstract series. “Flight Paths”, “The Future is a Portal” and “Coming in for a Landing” are constructed using rich color palettes and handmade collage pieces.  The “Flight Paths” series incorporates her love for space and time travel in a more figurative style.  This is a striking contrast to her realistic landscapes.

Liza received a Bachelor of Art with a major in Psychology from Caldwell University.  She studied with Hyo Chong Yoo in college and in recent years with classes with Robert Burridge.  Her paintings have been purchased for private collections in the U.S. and Canada. She has also taken many place awards and is involved with several art associations in the tri-state area.

May Exhibit

Art in Bloom

The exhibit runs from May 11 – June 3
Hours: Mon 11 – 3 and Thurs – Sun 11 – 6

Spring is in bloom and creativity in Milford abounds! Now in it’s third year, this is a unique collaborative show featuring Milford Garden Club members’ creative floral and horticulture displays inspired and paired with artwork of Artery Gallery members. It is always fascinating to see the interpretations, ranging from the literal to the abstract, all which celebrate the spirit of the art. This year there will be an afternoon opening, hosted by Garden Club members from 2-6pm at the gallery located in the Forest Hall Building on the corner of Broad and Harford St. in historic Milford, PA. Free and open to all.
“Art in Bloom” brings two long time Milford institutions together for a enjoyable exhibit.  The ARTery, established in 1999, is a cooperative venture which is owned and operated by the artist members.  The ever changing membership allows for its diverse and evolving offering of exhibits and events, spurred by the different personalities of its membership.  “Sometimes I wonder how in the world the garden club members can possibly interpret some of the pieces submitted.  To our surprise and delight, they always come up with the most amazing and imaginative floral pieces.  Shown together, they make a wonderful ensemble, with many of the florals for sale as well as the paintings they are paired with.  Everyone enjoys this show so much.” says gallery curator Marie Liu.
Milford Garden Club is a long standing organization that beautifies the town with their expertise in all things flora. They have established a garden at Remembrance Place on Ann St, a vegetable garden next to the Milford Township building, tend beautiful urn plantings throughout the town and helped establish a brand new garden at the Community House in which they now have their own space. The club was established in 1937 and it’s membership has grown and grown throughout the decades. With so many opportunities, events, workshops and presentations, its no wonder.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday March through December at St. Patricks Hall on High St.  All are welcome to explore becoming a member.

Behind the Scenes

Exhibit runs April 11th – May 6th
Winter hours are Fri – Sun 11 – 5
Wine and cheese reception:  Saturday, April 13th from 6 – 9 pm

Ever wonder where artists get their ideas or what goes into creating a piece of art?

“Behind the Scenes” is a unique, new exhibit at the ARTery Gallery that reveals the creative process behind a work of art.  Wondering if the art loving public would like to venture behind the scenes, the artist members will reveal what happens before the painting is framed and hung in a gallery.  Alongside their finished artwork, the artists will display sketches, scribbles, doodles, photos, books, poetry, tools and materials, and any other element that brought them from inception to completion of a piece of their work.

Inspiration, although important, is often thought of as a magical moment of enlightenment and the work that follows is easy. While that may occasionally be the case, what is more true and not so apparent is the work, research, failures, changes and searching that follows the initial inspiration and forms the final piece.

Where did the idea come from? How did the initial sketches differ from the final piece? Why were certain decisions made? What tools are employed by each artist? Seeing what the process is about will lead the viewer to appreciate the stages and changes that the artists may undergo while on their creative journey and help demystify the creative process.

In his book Imagine, Jonah Lehrer writes “The reality of the creative process is that it often requires persistence, the ability to stare at a problem until it makes sense. It’s forcing oneself to pay attention…It’s sticking with a poem until it’s perfect; refusing to quit on a math question; working until the cut of a dress is just right. The answer won’t arrive suddenly, in a flash of insight. Instead, it will be revealed slowly, gradually emerging after great effort.”

March Exhibit

From Destruction to Creation

Exhibit runs March 8th – April 8th
Winter hours are Fri – Sun 11 – 5
Reception:  Saturday, March 9 from 6 – 9 pm

Once again, it’s time for the Delaware Valley High School art students 7th annual March exhibit at the ARTery Gallery in Milford.  “From Destruction to Creation” is inspired by circumstances around last years exhibit when the region, struck by a catastrophic storm, left residents without power for several weeks, being restored only days leading to the students reception which was curiously titled “Unplugged”.

Being unplugged, although challenging, was small compared to the destruction of many of the ravines within which our cherished waterfalls lie, leaving these areas scarred for many many years to come. “Our hearts are broken. We have to adapt to these changes to the landscape and try to see some positives from it – like death which feeds new life.” says Marie Liu, curator and organizer of the event. Hence the title “From Destruction to Creation” for this years show. This year we celebrate the beginning of recovery and the creativity that springs forth from the youth.

This particular gallery exhibit brings the community into the gallery for an exciting and fresh look at creations by our young artists and gives those young artists the gallery experience of professional artists. The public and gallery members are continually surprised by the quality and imagination of the pieces presented. The work is mostly for sale, with family, friends and collectors anxious to own a piece by a potential future Picasso.

February Exhibit

New Perspectives

A Juried Open Show

Exhibit dates: Feb. 8 – March 3
Reception: Saturday, Feb. 9 from 6 – 9 pm

The ARTery Gallery in Milford, PA, is hosting a Juried Open Show for emerging and established artists titled “New Perspectives.”   A jury of Gallery members will select the best pieces which will then be on exhibit from February 8 – March 3.   This Cooperative Gallery, owned and operated by member artists, has been a cornerstone of Milford’s art scene for over 19 years. The Gallery strives to include artists who are not members by partnering with local organizations, such as The Delaware Valley High School, Milford Garden Club, Delaware Highlands Conservancy, Pike Co. Arts and Crafts, as well as the upcoming juried exhibit.  Paintings, sculpture, and fine crafts will be considered for exhibition and sale.

Gallery curator Marie Liu adds, “We love opening our doors to the wider art community and enjoy seeing what artists in the region are creating.  With so few exhibit venues, we feel proud to offer our lovely space in the historic Forest Hall building, in a gesture of inclusion for our fellow artists.”  Members Claude Larson and Liza Smith Simpson have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into organizing the event, which will no doubt be a sampling of the area’s finest artists.

Awards will be given for First, Second and Third Place at the opening reception on February 9th.  The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the conclusion of the exhibit.  In addition to gift certificates and prizes from retailers such as Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, Golden Acrylics, Liquitex and Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies, winners will be invited to exhibit their work at the gallery for the additional month of March.

The ARTery Gallery is proud to welcome two new artists to it’s cooperative gallery.  For nearly 20 years the gallery has presented the creative works by some of the regions most accomplished artists – Laura Dudes and Thomas Denaro are no exception.  Their styles and subject matter are a fantastic compliment to the outstanding stable of current member artists.

Hudson Valley artist, Thomas Denaro studied illustration and advertising at Paier College of Art in Connecticut and gets his inspiration from the traditions of past pen and ink artists. His subjects vary from local Orange County, NY settings to breath-taking international scenery.

He has traveled the world capturing images that have inspired many of his cityscapes. His pen and ink drawings become a value study, creating tonal nuances with a unique crosshatching effect, giving his elements distinctive textures of stone, brick, wood, etc.

“I use areas of light and dark for balance and to lead the viewers’ eye throughout the drawing. I want to keep their interest so each time they view my art, there is something new to see.”

Denaro creates hand-embellished first-editions, adding back color to the image. This gives the art buyer a choice of the drawing’s appeal through nature’s color or solely the visual charm of the black & white subject.

Laura Dudes comes from a family of artists.  As a graphic artist, she studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and went on to create designs for such companies as M&M, Crayola, BASF and Fuzzy Nations (some of these designs were sold at Macy’s.  She now devotes her time to painting and commissioned works.  Over the last few years she has perfected a 3D technique using polymers on the canvases along with paint.  The result, a combination of 2 and 3 dimensions within one images is uniquely hers.  Her bright palette, unusual compositions and cheerful subject matter invite the viewer to reflect on happy things and smile.

The gallery will be carrying many unique items for the holiday season, perfect for gift giving, from handmade jewelry and ornaments, small and affordable paintings and prints, antique glassware flowers and crystals and gems from around the world.

You can meet and welcome both Laura and Thomas (and the rest of the artists) at the next wine and cheese reception on Saturday, Nov. 10 from 6 – 9 pm.