September Exhibit

The ARTery Gallery in Milford will launch it’s next exhibit featuring artists Helen Hwang and Laura Dudes.  The show title “East Meets West” describes the vastly different styles of painting and imagery, based on their cultural differences.  Helen, from South Korea will display her elegant ink and watercolor paintings of landscapes and flowers on paper.  While Laura, an American artist, will be presenting her brightly colored, textured abstract and representational paintings, along with her new series which focuses on happy memories through America’s pop culture images.  “This interesting exhibit serves to compare cultural differences in philosophy and symbology, that are revealed through both artists work and brought to our attention by their proximity at the gallery.  All artists create through the lens of their experiences and personality and all cultures have their own unique aesthetic, which gives us a glorious diversity here at the ARTery Gallery.” says curator Marie Liu.
As a graphic designer for 25 years, Laura Dudes created designs for iconic companies such as Crayola, M&M Mars, BASF and Johnson & Johnson and had designs that sold in Macy’s. Turning her focus to fine art a few years ago, she has been painting with acrylic and other mediums to create her bright, textured and cheerful paintings. Laura adds “With recent events that have made life stressful for everyone, I have been working on a new series depicting happy childhood memories. When I was a kid I would draw and make things in front of the TV. My newest series depicts television sets in rooms that are obviously from past decades. I’ve really enjoyed painting shag carpeting, mid-century modern televisions and mushroom clocks along with the familiar shows playing on the screen. I just want people to smile when they see my work and be reminded of happy times”.
Helen Yeoshin Hwang, an Asian artist (that is, one who practices Asian art) enjoys a simple life while putting flowers and nature to paper. She communes with the many surrounding flowers, mountains, and other natural entities, while bringing them gracefully to the page. Her images are not of the highly technical, pretty variety, but are instead imbued with a sense of technique without being overly showy. Her paintings implement traditional India ink designs on rice paper, but with a modern twist. They are the result of her communion with art, supported by her deep meditations as well as her desire to paint from a young age. She has transcended the skill of representing the forms of her subjects, to the level of depicting their essence and spirit. For example, you can see in the many brushstrokes being employed that there is a sense that she is communicating with them in the process, as she molds them to be as delicate as they are.
Helen’s work is filled with the essence of the flowers and nature that she loves so much. She forms images from a range of natural subjects such as various kinds of flowers, hills, open fields, low mountain ridges, brooks, and trees. On a backdrop of natural forms, she gently shows her poetic inspirations regarding these subjects. She always takes a relaxed approach to the subjects and feels fresh inspiration, and regards them with both a serene, unselfish mind as well as an earnest fondness.
Both artists works are bound to elicit a strong emotional response from the viewers. Whether it be peaceful and contemplative or cheerful images making you smile, laugh or remember, the visitors will find images that speak to them and bring them joy. The gallery invites the public to join them at the reception on Saturday, September 12 from 6 – 9 pm for refreshments and to meet the artists.