The ARTery Gallery is proud to welcome two new artists to it’s cooperative gallery.  For nearly 20 years the gallery has presented the creative works by some of the regions most accomplished artists – Laura Dudes and Thomas Denaro are no exception.  Their styles and subject matter are a fantastic compliment to the outstanding stable of current member artists.

Hudson Valley artist, Thomas Denaro studied illustration and advertising at Paier College of Art in Connecticut and gets his inspiration from the traditions of past pen and ink artists. His subjects vary from local Orange County, NY settings to breath-taking international scenery.

He has traveled the world capturing images that have inspired many of his cityscapes. His pen and ink drawings become a value study, creating tonal nuances with a unique crosshatching effect, giving his elements distinctive textures of stone, brick, wood, etc.

“I use areas of light and dark for balance and to lead the viewers’ eye throughout the drawing. I want to keep their interest so each time they view my art, there is something new to see.”

Denaro creates hand-embellished first-editions, adding back color to the image. This gives the art buyer a choice of the drawing’s appeal through nature’s color or solely the visual charm of the black & white subject.

Laura Dudes comes from a family of artists.  As a graphic artist, she studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and went on to create designs for such companies as M&M, Crayola, BASF and Fuzzy Nations (some of these designs were sold at Macy’s.  She now devotes her time to painting and commissioned works.  Over the last few years she has perfected a 3D technique using polymers on the canvases along with paint.  The result, a combination of 2 and 3 dimensions within one images is uniquely hers.  Her bright palette, unusual compositions and cheerful subject matter invite the viewer to reflect on happy things and smile.

The gallery will be carrying many unique items for the holiday season, perfect for gift giving, from handmade jewelry and ornaments, small and affordable paintings and prints, antique glassware flowers and crystals and gems from around the world.

You can meet and welcome both Laura and Thomas (and the rest of the artists) at the next wine and cheese reception on Saturday, Nov. 10 from 6 – 9 pm.