The Artery’s Featured Artists for September

John Capanna, Carol Margreither, Al Rosser

Show dates:  September 8-October 3, 2016
Reception:  Saturday September 10, 6-9pm

Creative Expressions in Woodjohn-capannaJohn Capanna

is an artisan living in the Pocono Mountains, PA. After years of working with wood he embarked upon a journey that included a course with master furniture maker JD Lohr in Schwenksville, PA, two master woodcarvers, Native American woodcarver Russell Beebe in Talent, Oregon, Russian woodcarver Leonid Zakurdayev in Philadelphia, PA and visiting a burl yard in Kerby, Oregon to observe their craft, John took that experience and made it his own. The result is a very personal and intimate collaboration between artist and nature. “I try to keep all my work as organic and natural as possible. If you over work a piece of wood, it tends to lose its inherent natural beauty.” His enthusiasm for wood working began as a young man and has grown into a passion that he credits with helping to save his sanity, if not his life. Burned over 90% of his body in an industrial accident in 1979 his life has been a journey of self discovery and recovery. His art has become a vehicle not only for his own healing but as a means to help others.He is currently writing his first book “Beyond Recognition: An Intimate View of a Burn Survivors Life and Recovery.” He also has a blog at which features bits and pieces from his book and personal experience and is now adding stories from other burn survivors. His story is featured in the soon to be released documentary, “Trial By Fire: Lives Reforged,”

stargazercarolmCarol Margreither continues exploring the archetypal Mermaid as a metaphor for her own journey as a woman. Her recent collage series and illustrations capture the openness Mermaids face by being trapped in two worlds. Mermaid’s are stargazing, floating, and longing through her expression in drawings on paper or prints with, fabric, tough leather, or manta ray skin tails. Lumiere metallic and pearlescent colors, as well as, oil and acrylic hand- marbled paper create their environment. Carol Margreither is a professional artist and Sole Proprietor of Prints and Books.  She is also involved with professional conservation of books, artwork on paper, museum quality housing of artifacts, and gallery displays. Carol offers individual and group instruction in the areas of bookbinding, printmaking, and decorative papers. Clients include; Simon & Schuster, New York Botanical Garden, Sony, and lovers of fine art and books in the metropolitan area. She is currently holding a position as Communications Chair of the New York Guild of Bookworkers.

al-rosserAl Rosser has made art his life’s work.  As a college professor, a Broadway set designer, a book illustrator, a commercial graphic artist, a junior high school teacher, and now as an independent artist. Al has devoted his entire career to art.  His keen eye and wry sense of humor infuse his recent portraits with life and evoke smiles and recognition.  His landscape paintings memorialize bucolic rural settings and dramatic skies.  His sculptures capture movement, emotion and attitude.

Alvin Rosser graduated from Ohio University in 1953 with an MFA degree.  While at OU he studied with Aaron Bohrod and Charles Burchfield.  In 1953 he married and moved to New York where he worked for the Mutual Broadcasting Company as a visual presentations artist by day and studied painting with Hans Hoffman at night.  From 1954 through 1960 he exhibited abstract paintings in group shows in many NY galleries: Ward Eggleston, Roko, Koltnow, and Caravan among others.  He was a frequent exhibitor in the New York City Center Gallery.  In 1960 he moved to Sparta, NJ.  He is currently represented by: The ARTery Gallery in Milford, PA.  In his spare time, Al enjoys golf, fishing and billiards. Al also dabbles in creative writing.  His short story “A Lesson in Love,” was published in I Thought My Father Was God, edited by Paul Auster in association with NPR’s National Story Project