July Featured Artists

 Liza J Smith – Simpson and Carol Margreither

The public is invited to a wine and cheese reception during
“Art After Dark” Saturday” on July 8 from 6 – 9 pm.
The exhibit runs from July 6th thru August 1, 2017

“Sea and Sky”

Liza J Smith-Simpson likes to explore. She has had careers in several fields and a Bachelors in Psychology from Caldwell University.  Her passion is her art.  She has heard from customers many times, “We love this because it reminds us of the beach we got engaged at, or it was just like the sunset or bird we saw on a special night.”  Just as she has had many careers she also has many medias that she uses interchangeably from watercolor to acrylic.
She has a great love for the grandeur of the sky, sea and beyond into space. She can adventure out beyond her comfort zone of lyrical scenes and into her geometric exploration of triangle motifs. Her art captures the special connections to the world around us. She does this through her “Flight Paths” and “The Future is a Portal” series.  The airport near her home in NJ has helped her with the inspiration for both series.
She constructs abstracts and collages with a rich color palette.  She connects both series with the physical configuration of aircraft and the human yearning for transcendence. She states, “triangles have a strong grounded base that appear to look up into the heavens”.


Carol Margreither continues exploring the archetypal Mermaid as a metaphor for her own journey as a woman.  Her recent one of a kind mono-print series capture the openness Mermaids feel being safe to swim and dance in the water. The Mermaid’s are “Shadow Dancing” swirling and feeling the buoyant cheerful and optimistic.  Lumiere metallic and pearlescent colors combined with traditional printmaking methods.  Carol Margreither is a professional artist and Sole Proprietor of Prints and Books.  She is also involved with professional conservation of books, artwork on paper, museum quality housing of artifacts, and gallery displays. Carol offers individual and group instruction in the areas of bookbinding, printmaking, and decorative papers. Clients include; Simon & Schuster, New York Botanical Garden, Sony, and lovers of fine art and books in the metropolitan area. She is currently holding a position as Communications Chair of the New York Guild of BookWorkers.