July Featured Artists

The ARTery Gallery in Milford PA announces a feature exhibit of the paintings and drawings of Alvin Rosser and Rosalind Hodgkins.

Show runs June 9th – August 13th,  reception: Saturday, July 11th. 6-9 pm

Rosalind Hodgkins works from imagination in creating her paintings. Images are everywhere and she uses them in various ways and juxtapositions.  Her art is about experimenting in free association and seeing with the mind’s eye. Ideas help to form a basis for most of her paintings and they come from common frames of reference such as the cycle of seasons and other phenomena of nature. She uses unusual scale, invented perspective, shadows, reflections as well as symbols and metaphors to construct a narrative picture of images seen from a new vantage point. The human experience she incorporates as a parallel with but an emphasis on nature. Her paintings develop intuitively with a natural realism, but often are presented as partly abstracted compositions. 


Imagine Nature - Rosalind Hodgkins

Imagine Nature by Rosalind Hodgkins


Alvin Rosser is one of the original members of the ARTery Gallery and continues to be one of it’s most popular artists.  His paintings have a unique quality of looseness, freedom and wit, while capturing the essence of his subject with remarkable simplicity.   He is singularly able to relay something deeper than surface details.  His evolution as an artist, from realistic landscapes, abstracts, character driven portraits to his current abstracted landscapes and figure studies continue to be highly sought and collected. Al is beginning work with encaustics–he just finished a few pieces using beeswax he saved from his own hives. He’s been wanting to do this for years.  This show will include his current works from Colorado along with a sampling of works created throughout his long and creative life.


Rosser_Venus_oil painting

Venus by Al Rosser